Boarding at Heartland Pet Resort

Reservations are required. Make your reservation by clicking the customer links above, by sending us an email at or calling us at 712-262-5778.

Safe, clean and fun, our country resort is the ultimate pet destination. We help pet owners who are looking for a spacious and comfortable place for their 4 legged fur children to stay feel confident about leaving their beloved pet at the pet resort. The resort owners live on-site too along with their kids and fur-kids providing added peace of mind. So, no need to worry about who will take care of your pet during inclement weather when travel even across town is bad we are already here caring for your pet. We take our responsibility of caring for your dog to heart and care for our guests as if they were our own pets. Our trained staff loves animals and look forward to lavishing your dog with personal attention while striving to consistently provide our guests with the highest quality of care possible. This means lots of room for activities including outdoor pools and sprinklers to play in on those hot dog days of Summer. We have a nature trail that covers about 2 acres for pets who love to go on walks. There are several large outdoor play yards some designed to just be able to cut loose and run free and some have fun play equipment set up such as the agility equipment. When the weather is not agreeable to spend time outside playing we have fun in our indoor areas. When your dog is not busy playing, they can relax in their extra-large suites comfortably furnished with chairs, beds, blankets and toys and enjoy the scenic view from their individual outdoor run. We are dedicated to providing the ultimate in comfort, health and safety for each of our guests and we strive to make every guests’ experience as enjoyable as possible. We regularly diffuse high quality essential oils throughout the resort to help promote a peaceful experience. As well as playing calming classical music, the radio or TV for added comfort in our guest suites. Each of our guest rooms offers all the services you expect from a luxury resort including:

  • Clean, comfortable, climate-controlled surroundings
  • Fresh water available in room at all times and freshen multiple times daily
  • Meals prepared especially for your pet (your food or ours)
  • Veterinarian Prescribed medications administered upon request.
  • Food dishes washed after every meal
  • Raised cots and clean bedding available for every room
  • Dogs are separated into areas based on their temperment
  • Various room sizes, suited to the size and number of pets
  • Solid walls between rooms and stainless steel/tempered glass gates for the safety and cleanliness of our guests
  • Personalized, individual attention to each of our guests, "just like leaving your dog with a friend".
  • Country walks and play time
  • Full service groom or bath available during stay

We have several room options available to ensure the comfort of our guests. We offer both indoor only suites and indoor suites with their own individual outdoor run. No matter the room the dogs still get out for potty breaks and activities every 1-2 hours with a naptime in the middle of the day. We offer some of the largest suites in the area for the extra comfort of your big dogs who need the room or for family pets who want to share a room but also need to be able to spread out. We offer individual playtimes where dogs from the same family can play with our staff one on one. So, no need to worry about weather your dog will be stressed by play in a large group of strange dogs. Dogs are pack animals and love to play in well established groups but sometimes figuring out that hagiarchy of the pack can be stressful and tiffs may break out. So, we prefer to keep your mind at ease that they will get lots of fun playtime in without the worries of if they will be ok in a group play setting with other dogs or not.

Our cat boarding is in a separate building away from our dog guests and offers individual kitty condos featuring floor to ceiling climbing walls.


Boarding Rates

(*rates are based on a rough 24 hour stay)


$50.00/day for two sharing suite
$75.00/day for three sharing suite
$18.00/day for daycare
$40.00/day for enrichment daycare (Wednesdays only)


$20.00/day for two cats together

  • Rates based on rough 24-hr period based on AM/PM, no half-days apply
  • Out of hours drop-off/pick-up can be pre-arranged per appointment, out of hours fee may apply
  • Weekends (Saturday - Sunday), counts as 2 days even with pre-arranged out of hours drop-off/pick-up
  • Dogs sharing a room but needing separate feeding space subject to $5/day additional fee
  • Reservations are required
  • Proof of current vaccinations - rabies, distemper/parvo, bordatella (canine cough)
  • No boarding/grooming/training services within last 2 weeks of pregnancy
  • All animals must wait 10 days after any procedure for boarding/grooming/training services
  • Any stitches must be removed prior to boarding or grooming services
  • No boarding/grooming/training services until at least 14 days after antibiotic finished or after date of last day coughing for any upper respiratory illness
  • All dogs must be up to date on rabies, distemper, parvovirus and canine cough
  • We realize life happens so we do not charge a cancellation fee as long as you let us know you will not be able to make your reservation for boarding. No shows without letting us know may be subject to a deposit prior to booking next service. All holiday bookings that do not let us know they need to cancel will be subject to a $50 cancellation fee that will need to be paid prior to next reservation plus a deposit maybe also be required for the future booking.
  • Any animal found to have fleas, worms, ringworm (any fungal illness), or any other contagious illness will be put into isolation, owner will be responsible for paying any veterinary care or additional care necessary. A charge of $30 per visit to the veterinarian will be applied to the bill to cover time & cost of gas. An additional $20 per day will be added to the boarding total to help cover the extra cost associated with caring for an animal with a contagious illness.
  • If an animal has stitches or a wound that was not disclosed prior to drop off the pet may be refused service or the owner may be ask to pick up the pet if it is discovered after drop off. If the owner is not able to have the pet picked up your veterinarian may be contacted and any additional veterinary care deemed necessary will be the responsibility of the pet owner. A $30 vet visit fee will be applied to bill for each visit needed. An additional $20 per day will be applied to boarding bill to help cover the additional cost associated with caring for an animal with an injury or stitches.