Grooming at Heartland Pet Resort


Our grooming salon is unlike most typically salons. We have a variety of profession shampoos and conditioners to meet every pets and pet parents needs. We also have a professional water system that softens and purifies the water we use to give our baths. What does this mean for your dogs? It means it will help make their skin softer and their hair softer, cleaner and fluffier. Many pets, parents and especially our groomer could tell the big difference once we had it installed. We offer flexible drop off and pick up times. Most people like to be able to drop off in the morning and either run a few errands or go to work. We can call you and let you know when your pet is ready, have them done by a specific time or you can even pick up after work. Mornings crazy and busy? No problem we also offer a noon or lunch time drop off.

The best thing about our grooming salon is our wonderful groomer Tabitha. She is not like most groomers you will visit. She truly wants to make both her dog clients and people clients happy. She keeps notes on every dog and listens to what it is you want for your dogs look even if it is not a standard breed look. She can even have fun with your dogs look, we have a dog she gives a mohawk too!  Tabitha is not like most groomers who are on a tight time schedule. She is flexible and takes her time to give each pet what they need no matter the time it takes. She does not simple shave a dog down because it is matted, she takes her time to give them the best look she can. Customers and dogs are happy with the results and don’t get charged huge extra fees. Contact us today to make an appointment and see how we do for yourself. We are worth the drive!

Spa Bath – includes brush out, fluff dry, ear cleaning and nail trim. Prices starting at $25, but depends on size and type of hair.

Full Spa Groom – a full body haircut to suit your dog's breed, personality and lifestyle, includes spa bath

Prices vary based on size, hair and what all needs to be done. Grooming starts at $45 for smaller dogs such as Shih Tzus. Please contact us for a better estimate based on your dog.

Shed-Less Treatment – special brushing system dramatically reduces shedding; although shedding is greatly reduced, this process does not stop the natural shedding process, and is not a one-time cure for shedding. We use Furminator brand deshedding shampoos and condistioners and sell them in our retail section as well.

Refer to pricing guide for spa baths

Ala Carte Services:

  • Nail polish $5
  • Pet Safe Paint Design on Fur $5
  • Nail Clip or Dremel $10
  • Softening paw pad cream and massage $5

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